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Clean your home of AR viruses by launching toilet paper at them.

Works on AR Core supported Android phones.

You too can fight covid-19 from the safety of your home!

Point your phone at your room. Keep it still to start detecting nasty viruses charging you.

Tap & Tilt
Tap anywhere on the screen to launch the toilet paper roll, and aim by tilting your phone. Don’t worry, your “ammo” never runs out.

Keep Distance
Beware, the virus is quick to spread, so move around and don’t let it touch you. Once your temperature reaches 39°C, it’s game over!

Stay at home, stay safe, and don’t panic.

Requires AR Core! See supported devices.

Wait, it’s not in Google Play Store?”:
Here’s the thing: the app was designed purely for entertainment, but was denied from the store (see below), so its APK is available for download here only. Read more on how to install it here



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